I decided to start the painting adventure after a number of personal reflections. I did not know at first what suited me and to which style I could straighten, but I let myself be carried with passion and intuition. In heavy moments I have fled in brushes and colors, textures and materials. An intense artistic activity guides you to an unpredictable depth and dissolves your inner feelings.

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I like textures and unusual. I like to break the rules of the conventional and to get free among the concepts and styles. Any white canvas becomes an adventure space that I can mold to my own wishes.

When I choose construction materials, I imagine that they will stay for eternity, and that their paint melting makes the whole finished a unique DNA object that will perhaps contribute to the creation of hybrids.

The world of art and painting in general has given many prodigies hard to match. But every time he has his bundle of artists.

A finished product is the bearer of a message coming from the emotions of the artist who perfected it. Each work has its uniqueness and possesses intrinsic value.

I have no formal studies in art, but I can say to myself that I feel it in every part of me and I can see the beauty in the ugly and can give the ugly a worthwhile beauty.


Contemporary Art                        
Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest 


Art Exibition                         
Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris  


Summer visions                      
Pullman WTC, Bucharest  

JUNE 11 - JULY 11 - 2019

Contemporary Art                      
Crown Plaza, Bucharest  

MAY 28 - JUNE 28 - 2019

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